See Donald Trump come to Life!

Visit us at the Visual Marketing and Display Show 2019!


Model Makers JH May use their 7 Axis CNC Robot to mill a giant polystyrene bust of Donald Trump

Combining machining and model making, JH May can create giant models, sculptures and display pieces from a wide variety of materials. We can start from either a small-scale model or 3D CAD, then we scale the data to the required size and start milling.

Watch as the material spins on the turntable, allowing the milling arm to access every inch. While a job like this would be difficult and costly on a 5-axis milling machine or through hand-sculpting, our CNC Robot makes light work of the polystyrene, quickly milling it into our very own Trump caricature.

While we left this piece unfinished, we can also use our on-site paint facilities to finish in a wide range of styles and effects.

If you’re looking for a large scale sculpture or display item, let us know!