Artwork Fabrication Case Studies

Hand Sculpted Clay Model

Hand Sculpted Clay Model

Plane Model


Plane Snow Globe

Plane Snow

Custom Lighting Display

Custom Lighting Display
for Automotive Industry

Our expert model makers and CNC engineers have experience with fabricating and maintaining high quality artwork for artists and private institutions around the world. Whether this involves precision machinery to create complex and amazing features, or our model maker’s talents for fabricating, maintaining and painting large scale models and artwork

Utilising our skills at metal fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting and painting, our model makers can create artwork from a wide range of materials and finish it to the highest standards. We have provided this service for a range of world renowned artists and designers, utilising our advanced manufacturing technologies to create intricate and awe-inspiring creations, and to manufacture designs that would have been impossible or not cost effective only a few years ago.

Our extensive knowledge of precision engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering allows us to manufacture a wide variety of projects, and we have previously implemented hydraulic engineering, motorised and technological components, as well as ingenious methods of manufacturing large scale concept and display models to achieve the client’s ambitions with artistic projects.