How We Do It

Our high quality models, prototypes and production services are delivered using the very latest manufacturing technology and methods.

5 axis CNC machining is used to mill fabulous large scale models, carbon fibre and GRP tooling and high precision components in foams, plastics and metals. We can machine a single piece up to 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres x 1 metre alongside small and intricate components.

Large 3D printing is highly cost effective for producing medium and small scale models in resins and plastics. A fantastic level of detail can be printed and surface finishes can be applied which will represent a multitude of materials – from glossy plastic to aged metal.

Vacuum forming is another very cost effective production method for higher volumes and where high detail and weight or material clarity are required. We specialise in difficult applications for this highly versatile forming process.

Acrylic fabrication is employed for shop display, exhibition, experiential and architectural models. Stunning results can be achieved economically and with speed. We can assist with design and visualising your ideas in CAD.

GRP moulding for larger scale fibreglass pieces. Extremely complex surface textures and features can be achieved in a host of colours and surface effects. This process is especially useful for the production of multiple pieces which can be manufactured economically from the original tooling.

3 axis milling and multi axis turning for a wide range of machined items in any machinable material from plastics to exotic metals and ceramics.

Metal fabrication is offered as a stand alone service but is most often provided as part of large model, fibre glass and prop making projects. We can offer full design and make assistance including CAD and FEA advice.

Our paint finishing service is often the final stage of a model, prop or prototype build. We can achieve a wide range of finishes including special patinas and metal effects.

Vacuum casting in polyurethane replicate plastic can effectively mimic a massive range of plastics and rubbers. This process is ideal for small to medium size components in quantities up to 50 parts.

Laser cutting completes our arsenal of manufacturing resources available under one roof. This efficient material cutting process is an invaluable component of many of the model making and prototyping project that we undertake.