Hand Sculpted Clay Model


Case Study 1

The Brief:

Our client required a sculpture of a top athlete to be displayed in one of their flagship stores. The sculpture was required to have the athlete in a certain stance and to be sculpted from clay. The model was required to be a very realistic representation of the athlete.


The Solution:

We were provided images of the athlete in the required stance and of his exact facial expression the customer wanted on the model. With the model being life size, moulding the whole thing from clay would have been too time consuming and not cost effective. Also due to the size of the model and having to transport it, some kind of internal support structure would be needed. So firstly a metal frame was constructed as internal support for the model to give it strength. Then high density foam was glued to the frame. This foam could then be sculpted to a rough shape of the athlete and was much quicker and cheaper than using clay, but most importantly would not affect the look of the model.


The clay could then start to be applied to the foam, layer by layer. With such a high level of detail required on the model our expert model makers had to hand sculpt the model from only the images of the athlete. This was a very time consuming process but it is something that could only be done by hand.

With the sculpture complete it was then fixed to a base and securely shipped to our customer. The model was very well received and has since travelled extensively.