3D Scanning

3D scanning service available both in-house and mobile. Extensive machining including 5 axis, model makersrapid prototyping and laser scanning all under 1 roof.

Based just outside London J H May Models & Prototypes has a wealth of laser scanning experience. Where we differ from many is our ability to convert the laser scan data into real life objects quickly and cost effectively. This includes the up-scaling of objects for exhibition, point of sale or sculpture as well as the reverse engineering and re-creation of complex mechanical components. We are equally happy to supply a laser scan only service. We can supply data in a wide variety of formats including .stl, .obj, .igs, .stp and SolidWorks .prt. Our SolidWorks design engineers are also on hand to offer advice and support on all data issues.

Recent examples of 3D scanning to facilitate the up-scaling of the scanned object are a Snoopy character, electric toothbrush and an asthma inhaler. Our process allows for a speedy solution to making real fantastic objects at any scale. Clients are welcome to visit our purpose built facilities where they are able to view the scanning, data processing, CNC machining, 3D Printing and paint finishing.

In many cases the owners of intellectual property are slow or unwilling to release 3D CAD data so laser scanning of the product A surface is the only really cost effective option. In the case of the toothbrush the client supplied us with the actual product which was scanned and a 3D CAD file created. From this data our model makers employed our CNC machining, rapid prototyping and paint finishing facilities to create a faithful 2.5 metre tall re-creation for exhibition use. In the same way a small Snoopy toy was scanned to create a 1.8 metre tall version for point of sale use. In this instance the client required 6 copies of the Snoopy so the laser scan data was used for CNC machining of patterns so that we could construct the models in fibre glass.