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This fast, flexible and economical technology has revolutionised the way we make models, prototypes, artwork, shop display features and point of sale. Our technicians and designers are happy to review your requirements and advise on the best way to employ the laser cutting process whether as part of a multi process project or as a stand alone service.

Our laser plant, like our complimentary range of CNC metal, plastic and wood cutting equipment, is technology that we fully understand and utilise to 100% of its capability. This, however, doesn’t stop us trying to push the process further. We are happy to run tests on all types of materials and problematic applications. Experience has taught us that “it can’t be done” doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give it a go. We have learnt through our own trials that tolerance, material thickness cutting capability and beam focus requirements can be pushed well beyond what the manufacturers and our competitors state is possible.

Our high precision CNC machining experience built up over 80 years, backed up with a CMM equipped inspection department, is testament to our deep understanding of precision part and assembly manufacture. This precision knowledge, we believe, enables us to offer the best possible laser cutting service and to take on problematic projects which others may shy away from.

Whilst we are happy to undertake laser cut only work we specialise is complex structures where high level finishing and design assistance may be required. Our design department can create 3D renders of your project for approval in advance of manufacture. The cut files can then be generated and production can take place. Our plastic and metal fabrication departments can employ appropriate material joining techniques to assemble the laser cut pieces. Finally our finishing department can apply various techniques including polishing, painting and silk screen printing to complete.