Display Models for Retailers

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display model by JH May

One of the secrets of retail is to always have an appealing window display. Whenever people walk past, you want them to look over to your store and marvel at everything that you’re offering, but sometimes, products alone don’t draw customers in. You always need that something extra to convince customers to visit your store and actually go inside instead of just window shopping but doing so can be quite difficult especially if you don’t have anything interesting to show.

But that’s where a display model maker such as JH May can help you spice up your window displays and give your customers something to marvel at. Whether it’s a model of something related to your products inside or something completely separate just to catch more attention from the street, you have an unlimited number of choices on how you can use a model to improve your window displays and the only limit is your imagination.

Why Use Display Models?

Display models are a great way to draw in more customers, but what advantages do they actually provide you?

  • They’re eye-catching decorations that can help to provide more context for the products you have in-store.
  • They’re great for attracting attention from people passing by especially if they’re made to a high standard.
  • You can order large scale models, not just small ones. This opens up more opportunities such as creating larger versions of things that already exist in your store or creating things like models to showcase how your products work.
  • Scale models can even be used against thieves. If you have replicas on display and not the real product then a would-be thief won’t get away with the expensive product, just a model.

Making an Impact

Now that you know some of the advantages, here are a few tips on how to make the most of a large scale model as part of your store display.

  • Allow the model to fit in with the rest of your display to provide more context about your business or products.
  • Tell a story with your display models so that consumers can get a better understanding of what your company offers.
  • Position the models so they’re in full view of the customer.
  • Use additional props to make the entire display more attractive and don’t just rely on your display model or products.
  • Try and plan a theme so that it’s consistent across the entire display.
  • Don’t show too many products because it can clutter your display.

Experienced Model Makers

JH May has worked with some rather prestigious clients. One project involved using real metal and electro plated and polished silver to finish a model that was eventually plated in 24 carat gold and presented to the King of Saudi Arabia. This gives JH May the credentials and experience to prove that they’re an industry leader in display model making. Their projects have ranged from creating a replica model of a Spitfire fighter aircraft from World War 2 to display bags for a fashion company.

So the next time you’re thinking of how to attract more customers to your humble store, consider using display models to boost your visibility and also get more people interested in your products.