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We can assist retailers to create outstanding point of sale models which deliver maximum impact. Our model makers, engineers and CAD technicians have many years of experience in taking an idea and making it happen in the best way possible. At J H May we will not restrict your imagination so however mad the concept please put us to the test.

With on-site CAD technicians using SolidWorks we can quickly and easily make your ideas come to life. All we need is a sketch and a rough outline of the model you require. We can work with you to produce several concepts in CAD, allowing you to see rendered images of the model to aid your decision making process.

Our model makers are highly skilled in making quality point of sale models using all manner of production methods such as CNC machining and routing, GRP moulds, vacuum forming, 3D printing plus Acrylic and metal fabrication. We utilise a vast array of materials and finishes to create amazing models that will help bring any retail window scheme to life.

Rapid Model Making Services

With time always a major concern when commissioning a model we believe that having all the required capabilities under one roof ensures that we will deliver your model on time and to our high standard. With CNC engineers, model makers and CAD technicians all working together on your model we can guarantee that things will run a lot more smoothly than if you decided to go to several companies for individual processes.

An example of a recent scheme was a 1.5m high Snoopy model. The model had to hold our client’s watch which was housed in an automated winder. Our customer provided a small toy of Snoopy that they wanted the model based upon as 3D CAD was not available. The toy was then 3D scanned to produce a useable 3D CAD file that was imported into SolidWorks. The arms were redrawn so that they could hold the watch winder and fully rendered images were produced. Once approved by our customer and the copyright holders the model was CNC machined to produce patterns for GRP mouldings. The finished fibreglass moulds were then glued together, prepared and painted to produce the finished model pictured above.