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CNC Pattern Makers
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We produce both large and small scale patterns for a variety of uses including vacuum forming, GRP moulding plugs, carbon fibre lay up and metal casting. Fast turnaround is made possible by our investment in the best pattern making equipment, including 5 axis CNC milling and CNC routing. We work in all metals, plastics, wood and model board grades. More recently we have successfully employed 3D printing to produce substantial patterns where speed of production and complexity were paramount.

At JH May we always try to stay at the forefront of technology to enable us to deliver the best possible service. The complex jobs that we undertake often require us to think of new ways to utilise our capabilities.

Complex Pattern Making Using 5 Axis CNC

Using state of the art 5 axis CNC machining equipment we can quickly produce large and complex patterns. Multi-part patterns can be fully assessed by our 3D CAD technicians virtually to ensure that all joining and assembly issues can be solved before any material is cut.

When an extremely complex pattern is needed we often turn to 3D printing as this can give a very detailed and useable pattern in an extremely short space of time. Whilst printing a pattern will usually be more costly than CNC machining it remains a very viable alternative when delivery time is the most important factor.

Examples of recent patterns that we have produced are pictured above. These include large vacuum forming plugs machined in high density model board (Ureol) and GRP patterns machined in high density foam and treated with an epoxy coating. Additionally, aluminium CNC machining employed to make large scale carbon fibre lay up tooling and 3D printed models to produce rapid metal castings.