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Outstanding display and presentation models. 3D CAD design assistance, CNC machining and rapid prototyping combined with the best model maker hand skills.

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Display Model Makers

A J H May model can be commissioned for a number of reasons. Whether for exhibition, architectural planning, artistic sculpture or to prove a concept our model makers will always produce something beautiful. However, much detail and accuracy is demanded by the client we understand that first impressions count above all else. The experience gained by our model makers within a company that has been in the model making business for over 90 years is second to none. Our display models are designed to delight the recipient and with our name behind them will always remain as valuable objects.

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Spitfire Display Model

A recent prestigious project was to produce a fully detailed model of a Spitfire to Battle of Britain specification at 1 metre wingspan with a bespoke designed stand. As a gift for a VIP the aircraft had to be fully accurate down to the decals and serial numbers. As part of our research the team of display model makers visited the Imperial War Museum which housed a similar specification aircraft for us to base our model upon. The biggest problem to solve was production data. We wanted to take advantage of CNC milling and rapid prototyping technologies as this would give a far superior finish and detail quality, but there was not any suitable 3D CAD data commercially available. The in house CAD design team had to draw the entire aircraft into 3D CAD using our SolidWorks design package. With this data the model makers could set to work CNC machining the fuselage, wings and tail plane from a solid high density model board. The smaller ancillary items like the aerial and tail wheel were made in rapid prototyping SLA resin. With the fully machined parts the display model makers could employ the all important hand finishing and painting skills to give an outstanding result.

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Display Model Makers Fit For A King!

We can even boast about a display model fit for a King. We were tasked by one of the World’s foremost structural engineering firms to create a series of very high quality sports stadium desk top models. Finished in real metal and electro plated and polished silver the models were mounted on bespoke wooden bases and had a removable stadium roof to reveal the internal stadium seating. From the series of 24 models one was plated in 24-carat gold and presented to the King of Saudi Arabia. These models were manufactured using a series of techniques including CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid prototyping, painting, laser engraving and metal coating.

Point of Sale Display Model
Metal Display Model