Mechanical Models Case Studies

Dancer on Model of  Remote Control

Dancer on Model of Remote Control

Remote control using 3D CAD to create

Remote control using 3D CAD to create

Mechanical Models

Our expert model makers here at JH May Models and Prototypes have created mechanical models for clients around the world.

Our high quality concept and display models have featured electronic displays, mechanical components and complex design engineering to create fully functional mechanical models. With the latest 3D CNC milling technology and rapid prototyping techniques, as well as extensive practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering practices, we are capable of designing and manufacturing models to exceed your expectations.

With the support of our sister company Thompson Precision we have manufactured educational display models for museums, large visual and animated models for exhibitions, and accurate mechanical models for testing and training employees in a safe and controlled environment.

Our expert team of model makers and engineers can manufacture working models and prototypes for a wide range of industries. Take a look at some of our case studies to see the range of expertise in all manners of mechanical models and engineering practices.