About JH May Model Makers

About-Us J H May was established in 1919 as a central London engineering pattern making business by James Henry May. The family is still involved today and J H May continues to make models and prototypes for the worlds top designers and manufacturers.

The knowledge amassed in nearly 100 years of trading has shaped the company today and is a provenance respected in the model making and prototyping community and highly valued by our extensive list of worldwide customers. The most important lesson we have learned in this time is that technological, industrial and market conditions don’t stay the same for very long. We can attribute our many years of success to our ability to adapt to these conditions and offer our clients an up to date and relevant service in engineering, prototyping and model making.

About-Us-2 Today we offer services which employ the latest technology. These include CNC machining, rapid prototypes, CAD design and CAM manufacturing. These are supported by traditional hand modelling techniques, vacuum casting, RIM moulding and paint shop. Our experience means that we fully understand and have been a component in the development of these technologies. As such we know how to employ them fully and to best advantage. We have complete confidence in our ability to offer outstanding service and best practice.

Our model makers have a very broad skill base and we can produce many types of models and prototypes including architectural, industrial, exhibition, mechanical, concept and wind tunnel. We also understand the pressures on our customers today with regards to quality, delivery, innovation and cost and we consistently fulfill these requirements by offering short lead times and value for money without compromising quality.

About-Us-3 With the back up of our Solid works CAD design department we can also assist in product design projects as well as from scratch designs, product development and manufacturing strategy and advice.

Our impressive list of clients rely on our experience and skill but the most highly valued element of our service is our ability to complete the most difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible projects. We in fact thrive on this work and our engineers and model makers love a problem to solve whether its making a full size elephant or innovating auto-open/soft close door mechanisms. This comprehensive service sets us apart from our competition and we would value the opportunity to demonstrate this to you. Put us to the test. Problem jobs where we come into our own.