Mechanical Model Makers

3D CNC Maching

Mechanical Model

3D CNC Maching

Rail Points Mechanical Demo Model

3D CNC Maching


3D CNC Maching

Mechanical Folding Chair Model

3D CNC Maching

Aircraft Ditch Test Model with Adjustable Control Surfaces

3D CNC Maching

3D Printed Mechanical Mode

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Full size and scale precision mechanical model makers with an extensive innovation, problem solving and design track record.

Mechanical Model Makers
Making Mechanical Models

Processes & Skills Used In Mechanical Model Making

With the support of our sister company Thompson Precision we can offer a comprehensive mechanical model service encompassing 3D SolidWorks CAD design, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, vacuum moulding, fibre glass, laser scanning, vacuum forming and a full suite of hand finishing skills. Models with a mechanical element have been supplied for many uses including educational animated models for museums, detail process plant models for operator training, large scale visual animated models for exhibition and promotion use and fully accurate mechanical models for design and concept testing.

Aircraft Ditch Test Model with Adjustable Control Surfaces
Rail Points Demo Model

Designed & Built By Our Modelling Specialists

Our mechanical model makers are happy to work with client supplied 3D CAD and drawings as well as a vague brief or simple sketch. Our in house mechanical design team can supply a detailed solution to your requirements with a minimum of fuss. We would like to think we have seen it all before but this is often not the case with many new projects requiring innovation of mechanical movement methods.

Our extensive experience gained over 75 years in precision engineering and model making really comes into its own when this is the case. As an example we were recently tasked with designing and producing a motorised fully opening and closing courtyard roof structure for an architectural model which spanned a scale area 2500 mm x 1500 mm.

This kind of automated roof structure with the purpose of providing shade to the courtyard by tracking the sun’s movement had never been attempted before. As part of a team of model makers we defined a concept which involved a complex arrangement of pulleys, wires, motors, electronics and limit switches. The model required a great deal of development but the result exceeded the client’s expectation and the design is now being considered by the structural engineers as a credible real life solution.

Automatic Roof Model
Folding Chair Model

This culture of innovation applies to everything we do and our engineering experience and highly trained model makers are the credentials which permit us to take on the most complex and demanding projects from large scale articulated and motorised electro hydraulic pneumatic models through to micro engineered mechanisms. It is rare to find these skills under 1 roof and this combination of precision engineering and product, architectural and mechanical model makers permits us to offer very short delivery times.

3D Printed Model