Rapid Prototyping

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Professional Rapid Prototyping
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Games Console Prototype
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Rapid Prototype
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3D Printed Engine Parts
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3D Printed Body Parts
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3D Printed Roof Model
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Chrome Plating on 3D Print
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When speed is essential J H May is here to help. Components, assemblies and anything else you can think of can be 3D printed using a variety of layer technologies in as little as 24 hours. Additionally metal and plastic prototypes can be manufactured on a rapid basis using 5 axis CNC milling, vacuum casting, CNC turning, metal/plastic fabrication and vacuum forming.

We have been working with rapid prototyping technology for over 10 years and with CNC machining for 35 years. As such we have a great deal of experience and advice to offer. Whatever your requirement our team is ready to analyse your data and quickly advise on the best possible solution in respect of cost and manufacturing time. It can be ultra complex micro engineering components through to large scale architectural models. The variety of uses for these processes is quite literally endless.

The pre-requisite for employing our rapid processes is a 3D CAD model. If you are unable to provide this our design engineers can rapidly draw your part, concept or idea into a suitable format for printing or CNC machining. Using SolidWorks we can also modify client supplied CAD to make it suitable for manufacturing if required. We fully understand that speed is often the most important factor and will always treat your work with urgency.

Prototype Makers JH May

We have seen the development of layer technologies since its invention. At first the materials were quite weak and only really useful for representational models. Over time the materials have improved greatly and today functional parts of high quality are being used on production lines in some cases. At the same time the cost has fallen so that rapid prototype processes can be a very economical solution.

J H May have always pushed the boundaries of 3D printing. Size has always been a restriction due to cost and the build envelope of machines. Alongside the falling costs we have developed methods to laminate and join printed panels together to make large functional parts. This can be done at a speed that would have been deemed unthinkable even a few years ago. A recent example of this is a single seat hydrogen powered university project car we worked on. We were able to produce large lightweight panels with complex shapes in little over 1 week to meet the deadline for a race in Europe.

Our level of commitment has contributed to an impressive client list who trust and value our opinions and advice. We work with our customers rather than for them, sharing their goals and concerns and ultimately making their lives easier.

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