The best advice you could get using unusual display models

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unicorn model, apple display

Are you thinking about using an unusual display model for your business? This is a great way to elevate your brand and a fantastic marketing option. Here are some of the ways to use this type of model the right way.

Making It the Centrepiece

If you are investing in a unique display model, then it’s important to understand the true value of this feature. It’s not something that should simply be part of your marketing. Instead, you might be able to make it the centrepiece attraction of the decor for your store or a particular area of your business. It could be positioned in the reception hall or in the middle of the shop floor. If you do this, use a minimal design to get the maximum impact.

Use It for The Exterior of Your Business

You might think that a display model is always going to be for use inside your building. However, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of using it as part of your exterior design. Display models can be durable and resistant to different weather elements so there’s no reason not to put it outside. You might find that this leads to increases in foot traffic and elevates the kerb appeal of your company.

Add It Your Marketing

Unique or unusual, innovative models are often going to be expensive. So, you want to make sure that you get the greatest ROI from them possible. You can do this if you use your display model in marketing materials. It could be a great image for your website and even appear on a billboard for your business. If it truly is original and creative this could definitely build buzz around your business and the brand of your company. Speak to your marketing team about how the display model can be incorporated into your current promotional model. You can even use it to tell a story which we’ll discuss further down.

Use Lighting

Unique display models are already going to be impressive and captivating. However, you can certainly increase this effect, simply by using lighting the right way. For instance, you can add spotlights overhead. Depending on the material that you have chosen for your model, this might ensure that it literally shines and stands out within your room or commercial space. You might also want to use different types of lighting to accentuate specific parts of the display model and ensure that it looks fantastic. You can play with shadow and different styles of lighting to do this. Alternatively, consider using innovative technology to add more to your already unique display model.

Tell A Story

Finally, you can think about using an unusual display to tell a story related to your business, your brand, a product, or a service that you are offering. Telling a story is one of the oldest and best tricks in marketing because it provides buyers with something that they can connect with and relate to. Take a peek at our case studies to find some inspiration. If you take our advice and you use the display as the centrepiece attraction, then buyers will already be interested and intrigued. You then need to plan how it fits into your marketing campaign. The story itself will depend on the display model and what you are attempting to achieve. Be creative here and you’re sure to impress your target audience.