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3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
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At JH May we offer some of the highest quality paint finishing services available, with highly skilled painters and superb facilities. We have a long history of producing high quality models and prototypes where attention to detail and superior product finish is essential.

To achieve superior results we are constantly pushing the boundaries of the process and evolving as new paints and equipment become available. This allows us to not only give your project the best possible finish but also to meet the shortest of deadlines without sacrificing quality.

We can create many different types of effect. These include chrome, gold, antique or aged look, bronze, sparked, textured, metallics and pearlescents. We are always happy to work with clients to develop a surface finish through a sampling process and then ensure that it is repeatable.

Having these facilities alongside our extensive model making and CNC machining capability allows us to complete projects from beginning to end. This always has a positive bearing on quality, lead times and cost.

Examples of our work are pictured above. An 8 metre long 3D world map was CNC cut from high density foam and then painted with a client specified silver metallic car paint finish. We often use car finishing materials and techniques to reach the extremely high standards expected by our customers.

A full size concept car model was constructed using the CNC machining process from ureol high density polyurethane and then finished to motor show standard in white pearlescent. As the car was made from a solid block of material the windows were represented with a highly polished black paintwork.

For smaller models and pieces we employ airbrush techniques using acrylic paints. The Spitfire model shown has a 1 metre wing span and the paint scheme is a faithful representation of the Battle of Britain livery the real aircraft would have flown in.

Chrome and other super high reflective surfaces can also be achieved using paint processes. The carriages shown are a composite of 3D printed and CNC machined parts with the bodywork areas being finished in chrome.