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3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
3D CNC Maching
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Architectural Models

Architectural Model Makers

J.H.May have been supplying high quality architectural models and landscape models to architects, town planners and construction companies for many years.We are capable of producing complex models to tight deadlines from either 2D drawings or a 3D CAD model.

We always endeavour to utilise the most time and cost effective processes and materials in the construction of architectural models. Processes include laser cutting, CNC machining, SLA rapid prototype, SLS rapid prototype and vacuum forming.

Concept & Display Models

Large Model Makers

J.H.May models and prototypes have been producing high quality concept and display models at the highest level for many years. Our clients include some of the most prestigious companies in the world and all of them place a high value on our quality, speed and attention to detail.

Basic concept models can be created using rapid prototyping techniques or 3D CNC machining from foam very quickly and cost effectively to demonstrate fit, function and form.

CNC Machining

Difficult CNC Machining Projects

CNC machining is one of J H Mays key services and enables us to offer prototype, model making and production service to a wide range of clients.

Highly complex parts can be CNC machined in a wide range of materials – from plastic through to exotic metals like titanium and nimonic. Similarly, CNC milling can be utilised to produce large scale industrial models or concept models in model board or foam.

Industrial Models & Prototypes

Industrial Models & Prototypes

Our extensive practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering practices enables us to produce fully functioning electromechanical prototypes and models as well as the associated test rigs and tooling etc.

Our expert team of model makers and engineers utilise the latest 3D CNC machining technology and rapid prototyping techniques.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototype techniques have revolutionised the model making, industrial prototype and concept prototype industry. Layer technology methods are available to suit a variety of requirements. SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) produces functional nylon, glass filled nylon and composite metal/nylon parts ideal for functional prototype components and concept models.

Bespoke Models

Spitfire model side view

JH May Models and Prototypes regularly get commissioned to design and create bespoke and often unique models for our clients. With our range of expertise in manufacturing methods like 3D printing, CNC machining, metal fabrication, vacuum forming and paint finishing, we are able to design and create the perfect bespoke model to suit your needs.

Mechanical Models

Mechanical Model

Our expert model makers here at JH May Models and Prototypes have created mechanical models for clients around the world.

Our high quality concept and display models have featured electronic displays, mechanical components and complex design engineering to create fully functional mechanical models. With the latest 3D CNC milling technology and rapid prototyping techniques, as well as extensive practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering practices, we are capable of designing and manufacturing models to exceed your expectations.

Artwork Fabrication

Artwork Fabrication

Our expert model makers and CNC engineers have experience with fabricating and maintaining high quality artwork for artists and private institutions around the world. Whether this involves precision machinery to create complex and amazing features, or our model maker’s talents for fabricating, maintaining and painting large scale models and artwork.