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Our Model Making Suite of Services

At J H May we offer a wide range of services which complement each other and are all under one roof. This allows us to tackle a wide range of projects cost effectively with speed and precision.

Our model makers are highly experienced in producing mechanical and animated models for many industries. These are often used at exhibitions, museums and as sales aids. Architectural models are also a speciality alongside shop window display features and point of sale structures.

Artwork fabrication is another of our key services. We work for major artists and sculptors to advise on production issues and to help them realise their vision. We will always try to come up with practical solutions to seemingly impossible requirements.

We are expert at producing large scale props and models. These are often used at exhibitions, events and for experiential marketing purposes. As with all of our services our design team are on hand to assist with innovative design solutions, 3D CAD modelling and visualisation. This way we can offer a complete design and build service as well as being able to produce to a client’s own manufacturing data.

Pattern making for vacuum forming, carbon fibre and GRP lay up and foundry patterns is another key service. We can also produce the vacuum forming and fibreglass products from the tools if required.

We use an extensive list of production methods to deliver our services. 5 axis and 3 axis CNC machining is most commonly used and is backed up with 3D scanning and rapid prototyping. Other disciplines include vacuum forming, paint finishing, acrylic fabrication, GRP moulding, laser cutting, metal fabrication and vacuum casting.