1Q – How quickly can I get a quotation?
A – Speed is normally a critical factor, so we always to endeavour to quote the same day. For complicated projects we will focus on the shortest possible quotation.
2Q – Can I get a ball park figure?
A – We are happy to offer a budget quotation based upon the available information
3Q – What data do I need for an accurate quotation?
A – A detailed description of your requirements, including the appropriate drawings/3D files.
4Q – What is the best file format to use when sending data?
A – We can cope with most file formats, but .IGS is preferred for general model making and CNC machining. .STL for rapid prototyping.
5Q – What is the best way to send data?
A – email is the simplest method for files up to 10MB. Please contact us to access our FTP site for larger files.
6Q – How long will my job take?
A – We understand that delivery is often a critical factor for models and prototypes. We often turn jobs around within one week and we are no strangers to crazy deadlines.
7Q – What are the best materials to use?
A – Where possible we recommend using the indented production materials for prototypes. Where this is not possible we can offer materials which can mimic production material qualities.
8Q – How can I monitor the progress of my job?
A – You are welcome to visit during the build process. We can also email you regular digital photos of your model or prototype.
9Q – I have a great idea for a product, what is my next step?
A – Our design department will be happy to assess your idea under an NDA (non disclosure agreement). We have a wealth of manufacturing experience and if we can't help we should at least be able to point you in the right direction.
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