Rapid CNC Robot Machining


Sculptures, statues and large-scale artwork can be expertly machined using our CNC Robot.

CNC robot machining is a rapid machining service for large scale manufacturing of complex models.

Combined with our paint shop facilities and high-end finishes, we can produce almost anything, from advertising and point of sale models to sculptures and prototypes.

Using CAD software, our design engineers can mill complex designs from polystyrene, wood, plastics and model board. These materials can then be finished with a high-quality painted or lacquered finish, as well as with vinyl wrapping and decals; perfect for attention-grabbing, large scale items for shop displays or exhibition models. These eye-catching designs will set your project apart from the competition, and can be manufactured quickly with our CNC Robot.

In-house Design Team

Our in-house Solidworks designers can create custom 3D CAD of your model, which then gets sent to the CNC Robot. The 7-axis Robot then mills the design from a block of material, before the object is finished to your specifications. Our exhibition and Point of Sale models have been used by the aeronautical, automotive and bespoke architecture and design industries, as well as shop displays for some of the most prestigious names in fashion and jewellery. This includes large scale manufacturing of objects, backgrounds and display centrepieces.


We can quickly design and manufacture large-scale components and patterns for advertising projects, film and television production and commercial events. The Robot can be used to quickly manufacture items for an upcoming event or astounding artworks, at a scale that would wow customers and draw crowds. With a maximum reach of almost 3m, large models can be quickly and efficiently manufactured and can be finished in a wide range of styles to suit your display.

Combined with our other complementary services like custom engineering of supports and metal framework, precision CNC engineering, and pattern making and fibreglass services, we can make a wide range of models, moulds, displays and fixtures for any purpose.

For more information about how our CNC Robot can be used to manufacture your next project, contact us on 01277 365500 or email us at [email protected].