Large Shop Display Bear Models

Large Shop Bear Model

Case Study 2

The Brief:


CNC machining of the main body from the clients 3D model data

To build several bear models for our customer to be used as shop display models. The models were required to be 2m tall and have a high quality finish to them

The Solution:

Our customer provided us with the 3D CAD data for the models; this was then passed onto one of our design engineers. The CAD was imported into our CAD software SolidWorks. Here the model could be scaled up to the correct size. The next stage was to decide on the manufacturing technique to be used to produce the model. This was a decision made between our design engineer and model makers to ensure that the best method was chosen. The chosen method was to split the model up into body parts, so, arms, legs, head and torso. The model was then made from a high density foam which could be quickly CNC machined with a good surface finish.

The body parts were split up in SolidWorks with dowel holes added for location and to ease assembly. The CAD data was then given to our CNC engineer where the machining programmes were produced within Delcam PowerMillour CAM software. The parts were then machined on our 5 axis machining centre. The machined parts were handed onto our model makers where each model was assembled to ensure all the parts were correct and then prepped for painting. To guarantee a smooth finish on all the parts, a primer was first applied and then sanded down smooth. This process increases the overall finish of the paint.The models were then shipped to our customer in a custom made plywood box for safe transport.