Large Prop Makers

Large Prop Makers-1
Experimental 3D Model
Large Prop Makers-2
Football covered aircraft model
Large Prop Makers-3
CNC Foam Models
Large Prop Makers-4
Giant bottle model
Large Prop Makers-5
Large Prop Makers
Large Prop Makers-6
Polystyrene CNC Machining
Large Prop Makers-7
World Cup 3D Billboard

At J H May we take a high tech approach to prop making by employing up to the minute 5 axis CNC machining equipment and 3D printing technology alongside highly experienced 3D CAD design engineers.

Our team of prop makers retain the traditional hand skills learned over our long history of pattern and model making at all scales. These skills combined with modern manufacturing technology permit some very exciting and fantastic opportunities for large scale prop making projects.

Our clients really appreciate the opportunity to have forward vision in the form of a 3D render in CAD. We can accurately demonstrate ideas before and during the manufacturing process. Our aim is to delight our customers when a piece is delivered or installed in terms of finish and quality but from the outset we want all clients to be in no doubt about what they are going to be getting on the day.

Speed of delivery is often very important in these fast moving times. Our factory houses 5 axis, 4 axis and 3 axis CNC milling and CNC routing machines, 3D printing, metal and plastic fabrication and full paint shop facilities. Together with our SolidWorks design team we can complete large scale projects in one building to the tightest of deadlines professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

So modern manufacturing processes allow us to offer short delivery times and computer aided design technology permits total vision for clients from start to finish. The combination of these two disciplines also contributes greatly to the economics of a project. Quite simply, ideas that in the past would have been too expensive to consider may now be economical enough to produce. In many areas of production our equipment can produce work dozens of times faster than traditional methods.

Whether you have a basic concept or a ready to go project we would appreciate the opportunity to offer a no obligation review of your work and then, hopefully, our outstanding design and build service.