Mastering the Art of Architectural Model Making – 2023

Architectural models hold an indispensable place in the world of design, often serving as the bridge between concept and reality. They enable architects to communicate ideas, test designs, and improve spatial awareness, ultimately guiding the evolution of a proposed building. JH May have been architectural model makers for many years now and have prepared this […]

Bringing Imagination to Reality With Model Making

Model-making is the process of creating a scaled representation of an object or system, typically used to visualise and test its design before it is built or produced. It involves using various materials and techniques to create a three-dimensional model that accurately represents the desired form, function, and features of the final product.

The Art of Retail Shop Window Display Models

In the fiercely competitive world of retail, first impressions matter more than ever. Step onto any bustling shopping street, and you’ll find yourself drawn to mesmerising shop window display models that beckon with their artful arrangements. Behind these alluring showcases lies a powerful tool that retailers wield to capture the attention of passers-by – display […]

Why do Architects use Models?

One of the primary reasons architects use models is to aid in the design process. Crafting a physical or digital model offers a tangible platform for architects to explore and develop their ideas. By manipulating a model, they can experiment with the design’s various aspects, such as its form, space, and structure. This also provides […]

The Importance of Model Making in Design and Engineering

In the fields of design and engineering, model making is a crucial step in the process of creating products and structures that meet specific requirements and function as intended. A model is a three-dimensional representation of an object, system, or design that can be used to test its feasibility, functionality, and performance. In this blog […]

What is Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a process used to quickly create a scaled down version of a product or service. The purpose of rapid prototyping is to allow designers and manufacturers to get feedback from customers early on in the development process, which can save time and money.

What Do Model Makers Do?

Have you ever wondered what model makers do? They create three-dimensional scale models of objects, from houses and cars to medical equipment and scientific instruments. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as to help with product design or to create a prototype. The goal is always the same: to create accurate models […]