September 28, 2018
model at an exhibition

How to make your exhibition stand, stand out!

Creating an exhibition model that really makes your stand stand out can make a significant difference to how much engagement and return on investment you get
July 18, 2018
prototype of handset image

Why Prototypes are integral to any design project

A prototype is either a sample of a design or a model. It can be fully working or not depending on the scope of the project.
June 11, 2018
Model maker at work

What does is take to be a professional Model Maker?

Model makers need a wide range of skills to be able to translate abstract ideas into something physical. The models themselves can be prototypes, scaled versions
May 7, 2018
model car

Using Models to showcase new Cars

Rapid prototyping techniques or 3D CNC machining allows for the creation of models which can be used to showcase new cars at launches and exhibitions. Models
March 29, 2018
3D printed Einstein

How we clean up 3D printed parts to make impressive models and prototypes

One of the biggest, and relatively recent, game-changers to modern manufacturing is the explosion of readily available and affordable 3D printers. As the quality and efficiency
March 2, 2018
Exhibition Model creating an impact

Exhibition Models Creating an Impact

If you’ve taken a stand at an exhibition in order to showcase your product or service, make sure you get the biggest return you can on
January 11, 2018
fabricated artwork by JH May

What is Artwork Fabrication and how is a Model Maker involved?

When artworks are particularly large or technically challenging to produce, an artist can choose to enlist the help of an artwork fabricator to realise their creations
November 3, 2017
Architectural Model Makers

Architectural Models – From Drawings to Buildings

When initially approached to create an architectural model we are often given 2D drawings to work with. We use this data with our CAD software to
September 8, 2017

Exhibition Models for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Creating an engaging display for an exhibition or trade show can make an enormous difference to the amount of engagement you get from those attending and
July 5, 2017

JH May teams up with world-class 3D Scanning experts at SuperScan3D

A SuperScan3D engineer laser-scanning an ancient vase We regularly use 3D scanning technology to assist us in the manufacture of prototypes and models; whether we’re designing