JH May Shop Windows and Display Models

window display model bears

If you’re looking for the best kinds of shop window displays, then you could do a lot worse than JH May Model and Prototypes. A company that has a mixture of expertise and experience, JH May create all kinds of different projects for some of the biggest brands on the planet. A quick look online will present to you some of the work they’ve created over the years. CNC machining, large props, artwork fabrication, and rapid prototyping are just a few examples of the projects they’ve undergone.

If you’re looking for shop window displays for Christmas and beyond, as you promote what you have to offer, then JH May could provide the right kind of thing you’re looking for. They’ve been doing this kind of work since the year 1919, so they’ll know what works and what doesn’t. In terms of making a good first impression and presenting the right kind of image for your products and your brand, you’re going to need to ensure you have accurate and attractive models on show. Amateurish designs and projects won’t do.

Chanel Shop Window and Display Models

As an example, JH May have worked together with Chanel in order to create marvelous designs that can sit perfectly in the shop window for people to gaze upon. In order to promote the new Chanel 5 perfume, they created a wonderful model of the perfume and a large acrylic number five. A quick glance not only will show that it’s easy on the eyes, but you can tell that they have their eyes on the ball when it comes to wintery designs that would be typically associated with the festive season.

You’ll see this again when glancing upon the window at the official Chanel store as the famous CC logo is presented in a snowier fashion and complemented with some beautiful decorations.


Not only can they help with any window display models, they can help you crete models of anything, in any material and of any size. Whether you need a fully functioning proptype part for manufacturing, an amazing replica of a new car for your next exhibition or a one off piece of artwork. Whatever it is, they can surely help.

To see more of JH May’s amazing work, take a look at a small selection of their projects by viewing their case studies here.