Using Modern Technology to create Prototypes

fast prototype for a client

Prototyping is a service that has been around for a long time, in fact JH May alone has decades of experience in this area. But experience teamed with new technology makes for a powerful partnership.

Offering a fast turnaround prototyping service for customers is achieved only with a combination of skill, determination and access to the right technology. Utilising computer assisted tools allows intricate and well designed prototypes to be created quickly and accurately.

Creating Functioning Prototypes

Prototypes are more than models, in todays environment there is a need for fully functioning versions and the ability to produce them in a range of differing materials. Everything from electronic devices, visual models, display pieces for exhibitions and even pieces of art.

Advances in areas such as CAD/CAM and 3D printing allows the manufacture of prototypes directly from CAD files allowing prototyping work to start quickly. We also have the machinery to allow quick turnaround without losing quality, our dedicated 5 axis machine negates the need for repositioning between different steps. Not only can this save time, but time savings equates to cost saving for our clients.

Specialised Fast Turnaround Prototyping

In a hurry? No need to worry, we have a dedicated fast turnaround prototype service specifically aimed at the quick production of a project, something that is often utilised by companies that may need several iterations of a prototype, thus saving production time and cost enormously and allowing for multiple changes if necessary. Without the technological advances we use, this would be far too time consuming and cost prohibitive.

We are also able to use 3D printing technologies to quickly and cost effectively manufacture mechanical components or design projects. We can utilities a variety of techniques and technologies on any one project no matter how simple or complex, all with the sole aim of producing the very best results for our customers.

If you are looking for a company that can work with you on your project, offering advice and getting very involved in every stage, or one that can create quality items quickly, in either case JH May might just be the company for you. Why not get in touch to talk to one of the team, or take a look at some of our case studies showcasing a handful of the projects we have been involved in.