How Model Makers are using Technology in a COVID World

CAD being used for Model Making

CAD has been around for a while now, but with the recent need to reduce face to face meetings, technology has been used more and more in the process of Model Making.

Here are some of the facts that drive the point home

  • CAD helps to simplify the design process
  • It also allows for sharing of design through electronic media which reduces the necessity of having to hold physical meetings
  • It helps to observe the protocols that are necessary for curbing the spread of COVID
  • CAD has many advantages

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer software to create the virtual design of a proposed product. There is a wide range of CAD software available in the market. Each of them has unique features that are suitable for certain applications.

Capability of CAD for Model Making

The design of a product must be complete and detailed before the production process begins. This process helps to ensure that no errors occur during the production process, which may lead to setbacks when implementing changes. Traditionally, the design process was manual, where a designer would draw using pencil and paper. Additionally, the various stakeholders in product production would have to hold meetings to give their input towards the design process.

The use of CAD has significantly reduced the amount of work that goes into the design process. Additionally, it helps to increase safety during this COVID era. The designer can easily create a prototype with the tools available on the various types of CAD software and share it with the stakeholders in the project through various electronic means.

Rendered Images

Through CAD, the designer can create and analyze a prototype and implement any necessary improvements. CAD allows you to apply a wide range of colors, explore the different design angles, and create life-like rendered images. Additionally, CAD software allows you to separate a large design into smaller parts and display one pre-defined layer at a time.

Advantages of Using CAD for the Design of Models

CAD has a wide range of advantages over manual drawing. They include the following:
1.Saves Time
The current era of production is very competitive. The time taken from designing a product to bringing it to the market can influence its success greatly. CAD saves the designer a lot of time by simplifying the design process significantly. With CAD, you can create shapes with the click of the mouse, and making changes in your design is also very easy.
2.Decreased Errors
CAD has various features for 3D models, such as interface checking. This feature allows the engineer or designer to check for interfaces between the models. The result is fewer errors in the final product.
3.Increased Accuracy
CAD allows you to make highly accurate prototypes with nearly no errors. This precision gives a great advantage when it comes to the production process. The designer must, however, pay close attention to the outcome.
4.Better Quality
Besides having added functionality, CAD software also generates aesthetically pleasing designs, compared to drawing on paper. The software provides the designer with vast tools that allow them to create the prototype just as they imagined. It also allows them to retrieve dimensions quickly, thus allowing them to easily create even the most complex designs.

The versatility of CAD software allows designers to think out of the box and come up with solutions to any challenges that they may encounter in the design process.

CAD systems offer a much more advantageous replacement to manual design while bringing about a whole new level of design possibilities. Additionally, it aids in implementing the protocols necessary to curb the spread of the coronavirus.