Finishing Projects with Different Paint Finishes

Paint finishing Models

We are able to offer our customers the very best paint finishing service, using quality paints our skilled painters are adept at a creating amazing finishes. There’s really no point spending time an energy model making if the finished result doesn’t look the part. That’s why we have invested in our facilities to make sure we can product high quality models and prototypes with a high-quality finish. Using our skills in attention to detail, our work is excellent from the beginning to end of every project.

To achieve the results that we do, we are always looking at different techniques and processes as well as new paint technology, colours and designs. We also invest in the right machinery to aid by offering the very best finish, but to tight deadlines. Doing this without compromising on quality is something we feel very strongly about.

Paint Finishing with Different Effects

We are able to create lots of differing effects with the use of paint. Including of course different colours, but also pearlescent, metallics, sparked, textured, aged effects, bronze, gold or antique versions. We can offer sampling to our customers so that between us we can decide upon a finish that fits the brief, looks amazing and can be repeatable time and time again if required.

Having this capability in-house and the machinery, facilities and skills to achieve it means that we can manage your entire project in-house. This benefits the customer in terms of lead time, costs and also control of quality. We have very high standards and by managing this ourselves, we can ensure that those standards are met every time.

It’s not only the look of paint that differs, but we also use a range of different types. Because the models we create often use different materials, it’s important that we have the correct type of paint to avoid any degradation.

From highly polished black for a model car, to airbrushed acrylic paints for a smaller spitfire model through to a modern chrome finish for component parts.

In some cases, we need to match true to life finishes for replication, for example, creating a model of a building that already exists or when creating a piece of art for a talented artist. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and sensitivity to apply the very best finishes to our models, always meeting our client’s requirements head on.

Our pain finishing effects can be seen throughout our portfolio.