The final piece to your newly designed model, paint finishing!

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image of model being painted

Long gone are the times where a single coat of paint is enough to make your model stand out and look fantastic. You want to go beyond a technically accurate finish; you need a finish that looks realistic and professional at the same time. You want a model that looks the way that they should be, with your concept jumping off the page. Over the years, the community of modelling fanatics has developed a range of techniques that make models have that wow factor. One such method includes using JH May for your professional paint finish.

The Best Results

The best possible results for your model involves layers of translucent layers of paint that builds up into the perfect professional paint finish. It’s all about mimicking the light and shadows and the way that the model looks, and with the right JH May paint, you won’t have a problem with it. At JH May, we have over 70 years of experience as the best model makers in the industry, so, when we say we know what we’re talking about when it comes to paint finishes, you can trust us!

The Process

The process with JH May has been refined over the years in the industry. From the quality of the model professional paint finish to the speed of delivery, JH May aims to supply fantastic results every single time. We are set apart from others in the industry due to the skills of our team, and when it comes to the final stage of the model creation process, we know that the professional paint finish will be important to you. With this in mind, we will only ever use the best equipment and paint to ensure that your newly designed model looks as professional as possible. There are different model finishes that you can appreciate, and your model doesn’t come to life until it has been painted and finished.

Our Team

The creative and passionate team within the painting and finishing department can ensure each model prototype is completed to a professional standard. Every single size and shape of the model has come through our doors, and whether you are bringing in the miniature models or the full-sized car models that have electric lighting and components, we can help. Once your prototype comes off the machines, they must be skillfully prepared by hand. Our expert team can produce high-quality models where the attention to detail is second to none. The results that we achieve are superior to everything else out there, and we can create different types of effect with your prototype; so whatever your colour or design needs, we’re able to do that for you.

At JH May, we can offer you a service that is unparalleled no matter how big or small your model may be. Let us show you what a professional paint finish looks like, and your newly designed model will be the best that you’ve ever seen.