How to make your exhibition stand, stand out!

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model at an exhibition

Creating an exhibition model that really makes your stand stand out can make a significant difference to how much engagement and return on investment you get at a trade show. Many of the visitors have purchasing authority and are using industry events to make buying decisions for their business so getting their attention effectively can translate into serious income or investment for your business.

Why invest in an exhibition model for your stand?

With so much competition at an exhibition, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Exhibition stands have a tendency to make everything look the same, particularly if it is a shell scheme set up. Just setting up a table with some printed information and a few branded giveaways isn’t going to do the job of drawing visitors to your stand.

In order to compete with all the other exhibitors in getting visitors’ attention you first need to highlight your stand with an eye catching display. Then, once you have their attention, you need to find an engaging way to tell your brand’s story and make those visitors want to hang around. Investing in an exhibition model is a great way to do all three.

What you can do with an exhibition model

There really is no limit to what can be done with an exhibition model. They can be used to create a stunning visual to grab the attention of any visitors passing by your stand. They can demonstrate how a product works, or be dismantled to show what’s going on inside or what the product is made of. For smaller products having a large scale model will not only attract attention but also show more detail. And if your product is too large to display in an exhibition you can use a scaled down version to show visitors what it does.

Keeping visitors engaged

Getting visitors to notice your stand is just the first step. This is easier if you have an interactive exhibition model that visitors can get involved with, but it’s not the only way to keep them interested.

As the cost of attending trade shows and exhibitions can be quite prohibitive there is a tendency among businesses to go all out with the sales talk to try and recoup that investment as quickly as possible. There’s no question that you do need to get your message across and make the cost of the stand and your time worthwhile, but just babbling a sales pitch at every visitor who stops by your stand is only going to put them off.

By being more human you can stand out from all the other exhibitors and really engage with visitors. If they’ve stopped by your stand then they are interested in knowing more, so try asking them questions to find out what it is that caught their eye and what it is they want to know more about. Showing an interest in each visitor instead of just talking at them will ensure that you keep them engaged and they’re much more likely to trust and remember your brand.

If you’re considering investing in an eye catching display to make your stand stand out, why not take a look at some of the previous exhibition models we have worked on at JH May?