How Model Making can Help Crystalise Ideas

making a model of a car

When you are building something to sell, you have to think about how you plan to advertise your idea. Are you making a product? If so, then building a 3D CAD model is a smart place to begin. You need to think about the importance of model making and models for industry. Architects and innovators use CAD models, renderings and even fly-throughs to replace physical drawings, but you can’t replace the merit of a physical model of your product.

With laser cutting and 3D printing, you can make your model come to life, and watch the idea that you write down on paper turn into something you can feel, see and imagine. Watching something you have designed come to life makes it much easier to sell an investor on the idea, and the model that you make ensures that your presentation to others is more sophisticated. The resulting model is going to allow you to show others your idea in a way that reflects your own imagination. We work closely with a range of technologies, but models for industry are fundamental for our culture, and developing your designs and ideas into tangible models is how you can make an impact when it comes to your business.

Making Fantastic Models

Whether you choose to build models that are loosely assembled or you choose to create 3D-printed designs, we have the benefit of a team who are dedicated to making fantastic models that are designed to explore your ideas properly. Sometimes, your model starts up as an idea, and other times you can build your models at a large or a small scale which will enable you to inhabit the design. Making full-sized models for industry is a long process, but it will mean that there is something to prove that your idea works.

Physical models for industry allow you to share spatial exploration with investors and others interested in what you have to offer. This can range from your team members and clients to consultants and users. The discussion around the design of your model leads to being able to engage with the creative process. Your models will allow you to make the issues with your idea and design more visible. You can tweak and change as you need to, and you can offer a shared focus for that discussion.

At JH May, we believe in designing models for industry that give you everything that you need to see your ideas come to life. We are a professional and experienced model making company and our experience spans almost a century of trading. We invest in the best processes and equipment that will ensure that our customers get everything that they need for their models for industry. All of our model makers are highly skilled and we will endeavour to ensure that – from concept to creation – you can watch your new product idea unfold before you. Give us a call today and you can start the process for your models for industry to be created.