Architectural Models – From Drawings to Buildings

Architectural Model Makers

When initially approached to create an architectural model we are often given 2D drawings to work with. We use this data with our CAD software to turn them into 3D before creating the model itself.

The detail required is dependent on the model’s use. For example if it’s to show a new housing development as a display piece or as an example of the type of building that can be created, there is not necessarily the need for a high level of detail. If on the other hand, the model is for an architect to define and finalise the structure of a new building, then we may need to include a high level of detail.

Architectural Models for New Developments

These architectural models can prove invaluable when councils are in the process of designing new centres, such as the architectural model we produced to display a new development in Hatfield Town Centre. You can see the case study here .

By having a model that can be viewed from every angle it can help put any new building work into context. This can aid local businesses and residents to get a greater understanding as to what the finished project will look like and how this will impact the surrounding area.

Building Architectural Models from initial 2D Drawings

The process from 2D image to architectural model starts with translating these into 3D drawings. Then the actually model itself can either be CNC machinedor made by hand. This will depend greatly on the type, complexity and materials used in building the model. Our team of highly skilled engineers have experienced using pretty much every technique and material you can think of and use the latest technology where relevant to produce amazing results for our clients.

In many cases features such as doors and windows are added as individual parts by hand and this highlights the level of craftsmanship required in manufacturing one of these models. Creating architectural models of detail is a real combination of technology, workmanship and experience. With this you can end up with something lifelike and an accurate depiction of the building as well as helping you showcase your own work to prospective buyers or local businesses and residents.

Once a model is completed to the delight of the client we will protect and cover the final piece to help ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

If you would like to find out more about our Architectural Model Making Service then we have a range of case studies and gallery pictures available on the website. If you would like any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team who would be more than happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you may have.