Architectural Models and Different Scenarios

Town Centre Architectural Models

Architectural model making can be used for a variety of purposes, from showcasing new developments to re-designing town centres and everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the different scenarios where architectural models can be invaluable.

Town Centre Redesign Architectural Models

A town centre redesign involves a lot of bureaucracy and needs the support of local residents and businesses as well as the town council. Architectural model making is an ideal solution to help everyone concerned to fully understand the proposals and envisage the end result.

Construction of a model for this purpose can be undertaken using a majority of traditional model making techniques. Some of the more complicated buildings however can be created in a 3D CAD model format by our design team using the client’s 2D drawings and then be CNC machined directly from this 3D model data. The presentation model will then be finish painted and protected, for example with an acrylic dust cover.

This scale model will help officials, the public and local businesses to more clearly see what the redesign involves, how it will affect them and what the benefits or disadvantages could be.

Town Centre Architectural Model Case study

J H May worked on an architectural model for the Hatfield Town Centre and you can read the case study here.

Restaurant or Café within Existing Building

ArchitecturalAnother scenario where architectural modelling can be useful is when planning a new restaurant or café within another building. This is because it can be difficult to envisage how the new layout will work practically, and what effect it might have on the existing building and surrounding space.

By creating a physical model of both the new restaurant/café and the existing building, you can get a much better understanding of how the two will work together. This can then help inform your decision making process about whether the new restaurant or café is viable, and what changes need to be made to make it work.

Even just creating an architectural model of the restaurant or café itself will help make it simpler to show how the space will be used. Communicating the plans for the space is much easier when it’s done visually and those who need to get on board have a clear idea of exactly what will be involved.

Coffee House Presentation Model Case Study

Read here about a case study involving a coffee house architectural model J H May was involved in.

High Rise Building Models

ArchitecturalArchitectural models are invaluable in planning a high rise building. A three-dimensional physical model can help you to demonstrate how the building will work, how people will move around it and how different parts of the building relate to each other.

It can also help you to spot potential problems relating to the building. This allows you to come up with solutions long before any actual construction takes place.

Because high rise buildings affect the surrounding area to a much greater extent, it is particularly useful to have conceptual models that can be shown to local residents, businesses and officials. This will help everyone to understand the proposals and envisage the end result so that they are more likely to support the design project.

We can create or use existing 3D CAD data to work out the best possible method to manufacture a high rise building. With these type of building models accuracy is paramount, so J H May model makers use the latest technology and the right tools to create high quality architectural models for our clients.

CNC machining, rapid prototypes, CAD design and CAM manufacturing are used in conjunction with traditional hand modelling techniques, vacuum casting, RIM moulding and paint shop.

Skyscraper Architecture Model Case Study

ArchitecturalExplore one of J H May’s projects working on an architectural model of a skyscraper here.

Other Applications for Architectural Model Making

As well as the above examples, there are so many other scenarios in which architectural models can be not just helpful but invaluable.

Planning student accommodation or care homes, new housing developments and one-off projects are all undertakings which will benefit from having a three dimensional architectural scale model built.

J H May Architectural Model Makers

At J H May, we are proud to count some of the world’s most renowned architectural practices and engineering consultants among our clients. They demand the best in terms of quality and service, and it is our goal to exceed their expectations on every project. This can be a tall order, particularly when it comes to meeting tight deadlines, but we are up to the challenge.

By working closely with our clients and partners, we are able to deliver the high-quality architectural models they need, when they need them. This commitment to excellence is what sets J H May apart from the competition when it comes to architectural model makers.

At our company, architectural model making is a process that begins with close communication between the model makers and the architects or design team. This helps us to gather information and identify potential problems early on.

Throughout the design process, we remain flexible in order to accommodate our clients’ needs. We deliver high-quality physical models of architectural designs in a timely manner. In many cases, this can mean starting projects well before the design ideas are finalised.

Our clients know that they can rely on us to produce quality conceptual models that meet their high standards. This trust makes all the difference in a wide range of scenarios, making the impossible possible.

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