World Class Service for Sculpture Reproduction and Limited-Edition Replicas

Software used for 3D model Making
SuperScan3D use software to create a file that we can then use to 3D print or mill a perfect replica

At JH May we often manufacture original works of art for artists and galleries around the world. However, we also use these skills to create the highest quality replicas and reproductions; whether you’re a museum looking for a reproduction of a sculpture for an exhibit, an artist looking for limited replicas or you’ve designed your own sculpture and want to see it on a grand scale, we can help.

With our 5 and 7 axis CNC machines, we can quickly and effectively machine sculptures and moulds out of a variety of materials; we can also mill forms from a wide range of metals including brass, stainless steel and exotic metals.

We regularly team up with the 3D scanning experts at SuperScan3D, who frequently scan high profile artists work for us, and we’ve used this data to create models that are now housed in museums and galleries around the world. We’ve also manufactured editions for artists, who wish to market replicas of their work to galleries and private collectors; making sure these are identical to the original piece is of paramount importance to the artist and ourselves, and SuperScan3D make sure we have the best data to work from.

Precision laser scanning shows every detail of an item, picking up texture, imperfections and tiny details

Using their mobile scanning technology, SuperScan3D can perform a high-quality scan without touching or moving the sculpture; this is perfect for a museum, where moving an antique sculpture can be a dangerous and costly process. They can also achieve an accuracy of 0.5mm, so we can recreate your work of art as close to perfectly as possible.

We can also replicate a sculpture to suit any size or scale you desire; if you want an upscaled piece as the focal point of an upcoming exhibit, or downscaled versions to sell to collectors, we’re happy to help.

If you need a replica of a sculpture for indoor or outdoor use, you’re looking to turn your one-off sculpture into a series of editions, or you want to recreate your work of art at a different scale, get in touch with us by calling 01277 365500 or emailing

To find out more about the 3D scanning technology used by SuperScan3D, visit their website.