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Realistic product models created by our expert team of model makers. Rapid service combining rapid prototyping, CNC machining and traditional hand finishing techniques.

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Sewing Machine Model 3D Print

J H May offer several methods for the production of product models. Rapid prototyping in Nylon or PMMA and CNC milling in high density or low density foam are ideal for the production of initial space models and design concept models. The relative low cost and fast production time allows design teams to get meaningful feedback from real product models at the early stages of the design process. The product model makers at J H May have many years of experience working with these foam materials and we were amongst the first model makers to see the potential of rapid prototyping techniques soon after its invention. With the purchase of our 1st FDM machine over 12 years ago we were able to create complex product models ready for finishing in a matter of days direct from 3d cad data. This revolutionised our business as our clients quickly recognised the huge benefits on offer. Layer technology processes available today are much improved with SLS nylon, SLA resins and VX PMMA which each have unique benefits for various types of product model.

Prototype Product Phone Models
HiFi Equipment Model

Clients also require models built to a much higher level. To create these the model makers still use a mixture or rapid prototyping and CNC machining processes but using higher grade materials and applying hand finishing and painting processes as well as silk screen printing, vinyl decals, sparked and rubberised/soft feel finishes. The purpose of these models is to represent production standard products in finish, feel and overall look. Final product models are used for focus group evaluation, advertising photography, exhibition and for presentation to investors and decision makers. Whilst a products function is very important, the way a product presents itself and feels will always be a key to its success so our clients demand the highest level of accuracy with regards to dimensions and finish. As with the majority of models we produce, time is always a major factor which is normally further compacted during the product development process. By utilising rapid prototyping and CNC machining practices all under one roof with a range of innovative finishing techniques our product model makers can meet the most demanding requirements for quality and delivery time.

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3D Printed Chair Model