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Leading bespoke project model makers specialising in mechanical, promotional, experiential and art projects supported with the most modern production and design processes all under one roof.

Acrylic Machining
Luxury Yacht Model

At J H May we have a wealth of experience in the production of bespoke objects, models, tooling and machines. The team of bespoke model makers works closely with the CNC machining and 3D CAD design departments enabling us to carry out all elements of a bespoke project under one roof. We are happy to work on a project at any stage. Starting with an idea and a few rough sketches we can research and assess the practicalities and potential of a bespoke project. The next stage is for the 3D design team to draw the bespoke item, assembly or machine into an industry standard 3D CAD model format. This is very important for 2 reasons. Firstly, the bespoke items can be viewed on screen with our Solidworks CAD Modelling software in 3D at all stages of assembly and mechanical features can be shown in operation. In addition finite element analysis FEA can take place to validate the strength and suitability of components in operation. Secondly, utilisation of the 3D model data in our rapid prototyping, CNC machining centres and laser cutting machines is by far the most cost efficient way of producing the real life elements of the bespoke project.

Custom Lava Lamp
Chrome Model

A combination of production techniques are available to support the initial CNC material cutting and forming options. Vacuum casting, RIM moulding, GRP fibre glass, injection moulding and vacuum forming plus a comprehensive range of hand model maker and wood working skills. A variety of finishes can be applied by model makers to complete the job. These include painting, metal coating and various distressed or special finishes.

High Level Aircraft Model
Bespoke Model Makers

We will consider all proposals for a potential bespoke project. A Middle Eastern client engaged us to produce a working model of their company helicopter to be mounted on their sales kiosk at Dubai airport. The brief was for a 1.2 metre model with the ability to adjust the flying position and with the main and tail rotors turning slowly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The aircraft exterior was CNC machined from high density model board using a commercially available 3D CAD model. Detail finishing by the model makers was completed using precision airbrush painting methods. The mechanical workings we designed in house using Solidworks as well as a bespoke gimbal arrangement. Low speed geared motors were specified to power the rotors and all the electronics were wired to a single on off switch ready for installation on site. Special consideration to ensure the motors remained sufficiently cool had to be taken due to the continuous operation of this bespoke model.

VIP Gift Model
Pride of Britain Award