JH May teams up with world-class 3D Scanning experts at SuperScan3D

Vase being scanned into 3D softwareA SuperScan3D engineer laser-scanning an ancient vase

We regularly use 3D scanning technology to assist us in the manufacture of prototypes and models; whether we’re designing something from scratch or recreating an existing model, 3D scanning can be invaluable to our process.

3D Scanning is the process of creating a 3D image of an item or person; this tends to be done using a device that captures the relative depth and overall shape of the item (usually a laser) in conjunction with software that stiches the images together into a complete 3D image.

We use 3D scanning for most of our large-scale exhibition models; it allows us to accurately create a large-scale model of an existing item, and gives our customers an accurate and impressive model to showcase their products. Another use for 3D scanning is to reverse engineer a product; we can 3D scan an existing item, and then use that data to figure out how to replicate the product or make any modifications the client may require.

Scanning and CNC Milling replicasEvery detail can be captured using precision laser-scanning technology

We’ve also used 3D scanning when creating completely original concepts; for example, if a client wanted to use an existing vehicle in a vehicle-mounted advertisement or exhibit we could scan the vehicle to give us accurate dimensions and location of features, which we could then import into CAD software and build the additional structure around.

A key partner and a 3D scanning service of the highest calibre is SuperScan3D; they have been able to scan anything we’ve asked them to, and we regularly engage in manufacturing items scanned by them for clients around the world.

Using mobile 3D scanning technology, SuperScan3D can scan items of any size, from large sculptures and vehicles to small-scale components. With full calibration, they can achieve an accuracy of 0.5mm allowing every detail of the item to be captured and reproduced.

Whether you’re looking for a large-scale exhibition model or a reproduction of a sculpture, we’re happy to help with every stage of the project. Call us on 01277 365500 or email us at simon@jhmay.com to see how we can turn your project into a reality.

For more information on the wonders of 3D scanning, visit the SuperScan3D website.