Design and Make

We can help to bring your design project to life professionally, rapidly and cost effectively and all under one roof. We always design with the manufacturing process in mind so that the transition from prototype to full scale production is not hindered in any way. We have a great deal of experience working with bespoke item design and make through to high volume product design with full procurement assistance.

We have a deep understanding and practical knowledge of all modern manufacturing processes. Our experience, built up over nearly 100 years of trading, has taught us that keeping abreast and investing in the newest manufacturing and design technology is the key element of any industrial design project we undertake.

Backed up by our high tech work shop, equipped with 3 to 5 axis CNC milling/routing, 3D printing, laser scanning, CNC turning, metal/plastic fabrication and paint shop, our design engineers can make, test and prototype in a continual process to achieve fast and accurate results.

Using SolidWorks, our design engineers are expert in electro-mechanical design and production projects as well as aesthetic design and build for more singular artistic or visual requirements. For example complex shop window display, animated exhibition models or large scale sculpture. We treat all commissions with the same level of dedication, passion and professionalism. Whether it is your first idea or a household name client we are committed to providing the correct level of service and support to ensure that the schemes full potential is realised.

The J H May design team are also happy to undertake design only work. Our manufacturing experience enables us to offer the best advice on materials and production processes. We can also advise on potential high volume production partners in the UK and offshore. Where appropriate we can also research and commission manufacturers on your behalf.

The great advantage of using a company such as J H May is that the prototyping and pre-production volumes can all be carried out in the UK quickly and economically by one company. This way market testing and the raising of investment capital e.t.c can be underway whilst the sometimes difficult decisions involved with high volume production can carry on in tandem.