What Is Artwork Fabrication?

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What Is Artwork Fabrication?

Artwork fabrication is the phrase used to describe the process of producing large and technically complex artworks. Usually, this involves metal or other resources beyond what is found in an artist’s studio.

How Model Making can Help Crystalise Ideas

When you are building something to sell, you have to think about how you plan to advertise your idea. Are you making a product? If so, then building a 3D CAD model is a smart place to begin. You need to think about the importance of model making and models for industry. Architects and innovators […]

Top tips for creating an amazing Christmas window display

Christmas time is upon us once more. With it comes the push by stores on the high street to gain the attention of Christmas shoppers. A great Christmas window display is a fantastic tool in your arsenal here. You just need to make sure that you are taking the right steps to unlock the greatest […]

Ames Room

Our client contacted us to manufacture an Ames Room, an optical illusion that gives the impression to the viewer that objects or people are changing size in front of their eyes. Often used in cinema as a special effect, the Ames Room we were looking to create would show two athletes training with various sized […]

Considering a business exhibition, how can JH May help?

Trade shows, fairs, and exhibitions provide an incredible platform for businesses to showcase their wares and engage with new customers, but it’s not always easy to attract attention. With companies vying for the best spots, and every brand keen to use the opportunity to drive sales and put their business on the map, it can […]

The final piece to your newly designed model, paint finishing!

Long gone are the times where a single coat of paint is enough to make your model stand out and look fantastic. You want to go beyond a technically accurate finish; you need a finish that looks realistic and professional at the same time. You want a model that looks the way that they should […]

What exactly is architectural model making?

Have you heard of architectural model making? This service could be useful for real estate investors, property developers and business owners. It provides a number of key benefits. However, before we dive into the advantages it’s important you understand what architectural modeling actually is. Architectural Modeling Explained An architectural model is a 3D design that […]

The best advice you could get using unusual display models

Are you thinking about using an unusual display model for your business? This is a great way to elevate your brand and a fantastic marketing option. Here are some of the ways to use this type of model the right way. Making It the Centrepiece If you are investing in a unique display model, then […]