What exactly is architectural model making?

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See Donald Trump come to Life!

Model Makers JH May use their 7 Axis CNC Robot to mill a giant polystyrene bust of Donald Trump Combining machining and model making, JH May can create giant models, sculptures and display pieces from a wide variety of materials. We can start from either a small-scale model or 3D CAD, then we scale the […]

Display Models for Retailers

One of the secrets of retail is to always have an appealing window display. Whenever people walk past, you want them to look over to your store and marvel at everything that you’re offering, but sometimes, products alone don’t draw customers in. You always need that something extra to convince customers to visit your store […]

Why a Prototype Can Save You Money

If you’ve clicked on this, you are most likely aware of what prototyping is . It’s basically a sample or model that was built in order to test a product idea. It’s an important step because it’s what could lead to bringing your product to reality and selling it on the market more quickly and […]