Bespoke Supermarine Spitfire

Case Study

Bespoke Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a Model

We were commissioned to build a scale model of a Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a, including a stand for it to sit on. The client wanted the model 1m long and to be a replica of the original plane used in the Battle of Britain.

The Solution:

Firstly the 3D CAD for the Spitfire Mk1 was obtained and imported into our 3D CAD software SolidWorks. With the 3D CAD data taken from a laser scanned Spitfire model, several imperfections were discovered. Our design engineers used Solidworks to completely remodel the Spitfire so that all errors were taken out from the original data,leaving a perfect scale model of the Spitfire Mk1a. The client wanted all the panel lines as well as several rivets’ to be visible on the model, but with these not being on the original 3D CAD data each had to be individually added within SolidWorks.

Then all the extra detail needed could be added to the 3D CAD model. Tremendous care was taken to insure the accuracy of any detail added. Several references were taken during this process including an original Spitfire Mk1a, scale model and many photos. From the 3D CAD model a stand was designed in SolidWorks to hold the Spitfire and to compliment the look of the Spitfire model. With the 3D CAD model of the Spitfire and stand now finished it was the CNC Engineer’s job to split the model up into individual parts for manufacture,with most parts being created using CNC machining and the smaller parts SLA rapid prototyped.

The parts being CNC machined were imported into our CAM software Delcam PowerMill and manufactured by our expert CNC engineers on our CNC machining centres. The Spitfire model was then passed onto our skilled model makers where a colour match to the original Spitfire was found and all the decals were added to the plane after painting. Finally a plaque was added to the base detailing the Spitfire mk1a and its use in the Battle of Britain.

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