What is Artwork Fabrication and how is a Model Maker involved?

fabricated artwork by JH May

When artworks are particularly large or technically challenging to produce, an artist can choose to enlist the help of an artwork fabricator to realise their creations in three dimensions. Artwork fabrication is usually undertaken by an art fabrication studio or model maker that has the necessary resources and machinery to bring the artist’s large scale and/or complex designs to life, allowing artists to produce sculptures and artwork at scales and levels of complexity that might not otherwise be available to them.

The service will usually include both digital and manufacturing processes in order to produce designs in a large variety of materials, including metals such as steel, aluminium and bronze as well as plastic and just about any other material that can be formed into a shape.

It is important for artists planning to use an artwork fabrication service that they are able to work closely with the production team and that their concept is understood and realised exactly as they envision it. The relationship between the artist and production team needs to be very collaborative in order for this to happen.

Artwork Fabrication Build Process

Chanel artwork for display  During the build process it is likely that the various aspects of the project will be put into a 3D CAD format so that ideas can easily be shared and any issues that arise be dealt with before the final artwork is created. Sometimes a design team is also on hand to help out during the process. Systems such as SolidWorks and DelcamPowershape 3D CAD systems can enable the model making company to supply a complete drawing package if necessary.

Even if the artist’s concept is in the form of a sketch or any two dimensional format, an artwork fabrication service will usually convert this into a full 3D model for a couple of reasons. Having it in a three dimensional format obviously makes it easier to visualise the final piece before production begins, however it also allows for the use of the most up to date 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC machining and 3D printing technology. Using these will have a massive impact on how quickly and efficiently the final product is made, as well as the quality of the artwork.

Sometimes the artwork fabricator will also be able to advise regarding installation of the artwork. This is particularly important with large scale projects, as stress points and loading limits will need to be calculated to avoid any disasters. If necessary structural engineers and health and safety consultants will also be involved in the process.

Working with JH May Model Makers

If you are interested in artwork fabrication and would like to know more about the type of work JH May has been involved in within this industry, there are several case studies on our website which you can take a look at.

We have CNC engineers and expert model makers who are experienced in the fabrication of high quality artwork for artists and private institutions internationally. We have provided an artwork fabrication service for various well known artists and designers around the world, creating intricate and remarkable designs for them with our technologically advanced manufacturing systems and machinery.