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Bespoke Awards - make yours a winner!

Its award time and you want to be a bit more creative and get a bespoke award made that represents your business or the occasion more effectively. Where do you look and how is it made?

 Marking an achievement with a trophy has been around for thousands of years, and mostly are given out at sporting prize giving’s, however they really can be used for any occasion from business events to the arrival of a new baby or a special birthday award. Luckily today the awards are not as gruesome as they were in ancient times where they used to use body parts of the dead after a battle as the trophy.

Creative bespoke awards and trophies will certainly make a stand and are a fantastic way to show appreciation to the award winner and mark the occasion with flare. Not only will the trophy become an item that is proudly on display but it will more likely become a treasured piece that will be talked about and possibly handed down through the family for years to come.

Your bespoke awards can be made from a number of materials including pewter, acrylic, stainless steel, crystal, glass and acrylic in any shape, size or design you require, the choices are limitless. You can add special touches with engraving, or printing, add chrome effects, mirror polishing, powder coasting, anodising and many more to make the award really stand out. It really is limitless to the number of options available to you.

The talented craftsmen who make your trophy will generally use traditional methods but they tend to fuse it together with the latest 3D CAD modelling, rapid prototyping and CNC machining technology to give you the most cost effective method of creating a bespoke award that is unique for you and your business.

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