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J H May are well known high-tech model makers that offer a first class service to creative and manufacturing industry alike.

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Professional Model Makers JH May

We are equipped with comprehensive 3D CNC machining facilities, large 5 axis milling, 3D printing, 3D scanning, SolidWorks CAD design, paint shop and electro- mechanical assembly. In short, everything we need to provide models, sculpture, prototypes and bespoke pieces in one place with speed and precision.

J H May has built up a great reputation over the last 70 years as one of the best model makers in the industry by creating highly accurate and quality products for clients, from the first concept right through to the finished product. Our aim is to translate whatever the clients conceptualise to form. Our client’s more often than not say we have exceeded their expectations, and this is on both individual projects and turnkey type projects. We believe we are amongst the most talented professionals in the industry, delivering excellent work on time every time.

We can assist with visual, animated and interactive models that are required for exhibitions, architectural displays, promotions and various other types of displays. We will take your concept through to reality with JH Mays highly skilled team made up of modelling specialists, engineers and 3D designers. We have experience in the entire process and can therefore offer an exceptional service to customers that is performed right here under the one roof.

Our team of designers are highly experienced and have created a name for themselves through creating fully functioning prototype products and assemblies both quickly and cost effectively. They are also experienced in traditional hand and woodworking skills. We have worked with some of the best known brands creating models to depict a wide variety of products and concepts.

The JH May Model Makers Process

Our many years in the industry as model makers in has allowed us to develop a refined process. Speed of delivery and quality are optimised by utilising cutting edge CNC machining and rapid prototyping technologies, but you can be assured the team never forget that the final presentation has to be outstanding. It is the company’s goal to supply amazing results and to delight our clients every time. This is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Continuous investment in CNC milling and Rapid prototyping equipment has been invaluable in supporting the comprehensive skills of our team. In recent years we have responded to demands for large scale items with the purchase of a large capacity 5 axis CNC machining equipment, which has enabled us to create both enormous and sculpture pieces for the promotional, exhibition, experiential and art sectors.

Our mechanical and product team are supported by up to the minute technology. Our sister company Thompson Precision, which operates from the same factory complex, employs the most modern CNC machining processes. This allows us to offer complex high precision mechanical components and assemblies as part of our prototyping services. Being able to offer this gives us a clear advantage when it comes to mechanical concepts and prototypes as well as animated or articulating models. It is rare to find all of these engineering skills under one roof alongside highly skilled product, architectural, display and exhibition modelling experts.

3D CAD design as well as design assistance is an integral part of the business and greatly improves our speed of service. Our Solidworks design package and 2 dedicated 3D design engineers permit us to contribute on projects without delay to help solve production issues. In addition we can design pretty much anything you require, components, prototypes and electro mechanical operational products quickly and economically from scratch.

Here at J H May, our ethos is to work with you, to help solve issues and create solutions for whatever challenges you face with your project. This sets us apart from our competition and keeps clients coming back time and time again.

Electronics Enclosure This case study was from a client who was very specific about the requirements for this electronics enclosure for the exact positional tolerances. It was a challenging job and one we completed to perfection....Read More
Mechanical Prototyping of a Fishing Reel. The client for this case study had a new fishing reel concept that they wanted us to manufacturer so they could test it out before taking the design further....Read More
We offer services which employ the latest technology. These include CNC machining, rapid prototypes, CAD design and CAM manufacturing. These are supported by traditional hand modelling techniques, vacuum casting, RIM moulding and paint shop.
Our model makers have a very broad skill base and we can produce many types of models and prototypes including architectural, industrial, exhibition, mechanical, concept and wind tunnel.
When you need the services of an expert model maker there are few companies with the vast experience J H May has accumulated over 90 years of trading. It has always been our policy to invest in the very best equipment and processes available and today our 10,000 sq ft purpose built factory is packed with the latest technology including 5 axis CNC machining, 3D printing and laser scanning. Manned by highly skilled model makers, engineers and 3D CAD designers we offer an all-encompassing model making service. Read More

Our Blogs

October 19, 2016
Model Making

Using model making to explore ideas?

Designers often spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for how to improve something or create something brand new. This covers everything from a
September 7, 2016
3D small plane model

Manufacturing Traditional Items with Modern Technology – Artwork Fabrication

In this series of blogs, we will discuss how modern manufacturing processes can benefit traditionally hand crafted products. For many projects, new technology is superior in

In this series of blogs, we will discuss how modern manufacturing processes can benefit traditionally hand crafted products. For many projects, new technology is superior in many ways to traditional methods of manufacture; it tends to be more detailed, much faster and easy to replicate existing items. This post details how modern technology is helping us design and manufacture exemplary works of art for clients around the world.

When working with artists and galleries to create or replicate works of art, we often have to push the boundaries of what can be achieved to create the next sculpture or model; utilising our advanced manufacturing skills, we are regularly on the cutting edge of how we use technological advances to create works of art for our clients.

Changes in the Industry

As the art world constantly changes to differing styles and manufacturing processes, we at JH May have utilised our skills with fabricating and manufacturing different materials to create projects for artists worldwide. We use similar manufacturing methods to those utilised when creating display models and corporate displays to manufacture whatever the artist requires, ranging from bespoke machined acrylic items to fibreglass and metal fabrication.

We have mass produced thousands of small but striking art projects for when designers want to cover their design in items, as well as creating larger one off sculptures and art pieces for galleries and private collections. The largest of these would have to be the fabrication of a model plane, with a wingspan of over 6.5 metres, for British artist Charming Baker; you can read about that project here.

While projects like these may have previously been manufactured by hand, mechanised manufacturing paired with clever designing has allowed us to make items like these using a combination of CNC machining, vacuum forming, fibre glassing and 3D printing. These manufacturing techniques allow us to create detailed models affordably in a range of sizes; coupled with our expert painting facilities, we’ve been able to manufacture a wide range of centerpieces and products for designers and artists.

In the past, sculptors and artists would have had to design projects by hand, which would then be passed on to a manufacturer with the relevant skills to interpret the design and create the final product. This would inevitably lead to variations between the artist’s original concept and the finished product. However with modern CAD software, when an artist wants us to manufacture an item for them, all they have to do is send us the CAD file and we can ensure any product is manufactured to the design specified by the artist. It also allows artists to push the boundaries on what can be created; by designing and creating a 3D CAD model of what they would like to achieve, the artist then leaves the manufacture up to our team engineers, who are used to pushing boundaries and using their experience to overcome any difficulties that may be encountered.

Through advantages in communication technology, we are also able to keep any client constantly updated with how a project is progressing; this is especially useful when dealing with international clients. We can send pictures and videos of their model being constructed, listen to any comments or changes they may have, and be honest about a final delivery date.

We take our client’s confidentiality very seriously at JH May, and will only discuss manufacturing jobs that we have been specifically instructed to. If you would like a confidential preliminary conversation about how we can use modern technology to aid your next project, get in touch with us at simon@jhmay.com or phone us on 01277 365500.

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